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Improving outcomes in Complex Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is the most frequent gynecological procedure performed. There are many benefits of laparoscopic hysterectomy including lower intraoperative blood loss, shorter hospitalization and less infections. The drawbacks are potential injuries to the urinary tract and longer operation time. However, the wider use of laparoscopic approach and improvement of surgeons’ skills can decrease the incidence of complications. Join our regional experts as they shared various advancements in their techniques, experience and evidence in their surgical approach to improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Michiko Kodama (Moderator)Dr Stephen D LyonsDr. Tomonori Hada​Dr. Tavaziva Mudzamiri​
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Right Colectomy - Best Practices from Asia Pacific for Superior Outcomes - ACE Master Series

The Right-sided colon resection is a difficult theme for many colorectal surgeons, as it involves complicated & challenging procedures such as variations of the vascular system and mobilization of the area of pancreas & duodenum.​

​In this webinar, we discussed on two main areas for a safe and effective procedure - the Approach (Strategy, Anatomy, Vessel Area Dissection and Lymph Node Dissection) and the Anastomosis with Prof. Po-Li Wei, Prof. Feng Bo & Prof. Soichiro Ishihara, on how to minimize operative bleeding and safe anastomosis technique, the key points in ensuring optimum surgical procedures and to discuss the advent of minimal invasive methods for management of these complications.​

This session was moderated by Dr. Hideharu Shimizu M.D., Associate Medical Director, Medical Affairs/CMO Office for Johnson & Johnson K.K. Medical Company.​

Prof. Po-Li WeiProf. Feng BoProf. Soichiro IshiharaDr. Hideharu Shimizu M.D.
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Precise VATS Lobectomy for Optimal Outcomes - Thoracic Master Series

Lung cancer is the deadliest cancer worldwide and the most common cancer in Asia. In fact, 59% of all lung cancer cases occurs in Asia and around 21% of all cancer related deaths in Asia are lung cancer-related.​

The treatment of lung cancer is evolving rapidly, and current evidences are beginning to show that new approaches for thoracic procedures & treatments have excellent outcomes towards the quality of life.​

However, `Lobectomy` is still the fundamental procedure at this moment. Hence, to improve this technique would greatly improve patient outcomes.​

In this webinar, three top experts from Asia Pacific shared their technique, strategy and insights for VATS lobectomy from various aspect.​

A/Prof. Phillip Antippa M.D. Dr. Xiaojing Zhao M.D. Dr. Mingyon Mun M.D.Dr. Lijie Tan M.D. (Moderator)


#5 and #6 Lymph Node Dissection with Dr. Masanori Tokunaga

In this video, Dr. Tokunaga covers on the principle of performing lymph node dissection as well as the proper technique to use Harmonic efficiently. This video also covers on:

  • #5 and #6 lymph node direction

  • The anatomy of the surgical procedure (Pancreas, Duodenum and Gastro epiploic artery)

Dr. Masanori Tokunaga
Colorectal (ACE)
Laparoscopic Ultra-Low Anterior Resection with Dr Mamoru Uemura

In this video, Dr. Uemura presents on a case for ultra low anterior cancer and tumor 3cm from the anal verge and 1 cm from dentate line. The content of this video includes:

  • The anatomical landmarks for pelvic organs, facia around rectal and the nerves location. 

  • Tips on how to use harmonic safely for this procedure.

  • 3D Surgical Video of lymph node dissection (IMA dissection).

  • Mobilization of descending colon

  • Rectal mobilization and dissection with care while avoiding nerve damage

  • Technique of TME completion

  • Rectal resection by using the 45 mm Endo cutter with two fires

Dr. Mamoru Uemura
Colorectal (ACE)
Extended Right Hemicolectomy with Dr. Yoshinori Kagawa

Discover the surgical strategy for colorectal cancer as well as the surgical anatomy for right hemicolectomy with Dr. Yoshinori Kagawa where he demonstrates the approach for mesentery of colon through his case study and surgical video for transverse colon cancer. You can expect to learn more on the Cranial Approach for Right Gastro-Epiploic Vein, Surgical Approach for Surgical trunk, Gastro-colic trunk, Right border of #223, Middle Colic Vein as well as the Retroperitoneal approach.

Dr. Yoshinori Kagawa