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Colorectal (ACE)
Laparoscopic Ultra-Low Anterior Resection with Dr Mamoru Uemura

In this video, Dr. Uemura presents on a case for ultra low anterior cancer and tumor 3cm from the anal verge and 1 cm from dentate line. The content of this video includes:

  • The anatomical landmarks for pelvic organs, facia around rectal and the nerves location. 

  • Tips on how to use harmonic safely for this procedure.

  • 3D Surgical Video of lymph node dissection (IMA dissection).

  • Mobilization of descending colon

  • Rectal mobilization and dissection with care while avoiding nerve damage

  • Technique of TME completion

  • Rectal resection by using the 45 mm Endo cutter with two fires

Dr. Mamoru Uemura
Colorectal (ACE)
Extended Right Hemicolectomy with Dr. Yoshinori Kagawa

Discover the surgical strategy for colorectal cancer as well as the surgical anatomy for right hemicolectomy with Dr. Yoshinori Kagawa where he demonstrates the approach for mesentery of colon through his case study and surgical video for transverse colon cancer. You can expect to learn more on the Cranial Approach for Right Gastro-Epiploic Vein, Surgical Approach for Surgical trunk, Gastro-colic trunk, Right border of #223, Middle Colic Vein as well as the Retroperitoneal approach.

Dr. Yoshinori Kagawa
Colorectal (ACE)
Laparoscopic Low Anterior Resection for Rectal Cancer (RbP) Part 2 - 360°

In this "virtual reality (VR) surgery observation" 360-degree video, audience can observe external images such as the positions of the surgeon, assistant, and scopist and hand movements from all angles, even more than actual on-site observation. The case presented is a laparoscopic low anterior resection for rectal cancer (RbP), and it includes perineal operations that cannot be imagined from just observing the intra-abdominal images. 

Case: 65-year-old female with BMI of 21.0

Blood loss: 34ml

Postoperative course: No complications such as urinary obstruction, discharged on the 17th postoperative day.

This video is presented in Japanese

Professor. Koki Otsuka